Jyrki Nummisto

CEO, Co Founder, Music manager

Deep, philosophic and megalomanic idea machine. If someone says it cannot be done, he tries to do it immediately. Being in charge of the overall game, Jyrki works with publishing services, PR & HR, international relations and key account customers.  Jyrki has his roots in electronic music production, management, business administration and coaching. Having also over 20 years of experience in coaching and human psychology, his passion is to innovate new connections of human interactions, emotions, sound and business.

Josu Mämmi

Technical director, Co Founder

Fast & sharp, wizard in everything technical and a really nice guy. Josu is also a music producer, professional musician and in charge of artist aquisitions and technical operations. This involves sound engineering, mixing/mastering and taking care of the high standard of Chaos lab`s musical productions. His expertise and knowledge in sound design makes this guy truly a multitalent in music production. 


Karo Lauronen

Creative director, Co Founder, Music manager

Creative, charismatic and dynamic uplifter. This guy has 12 tasks going on simultaneously, and in the end they all end up being perfect pieces of art. Artist management, video/visual production, marketing and creative projects are all under his wing. Karo has around 20 years of experience in cross cultural projects, theater, acting, music, event organizing, marketing and artist coaching. Being also an artist himself he takes pride in every project and executes them with 100% precision.



Tel. +358 50 407 0071




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